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Post  Red Exorcist on Tue Jun 28, 2011 10:37 am

Name: Enjeru Kimura
Meister: Knight
Exorcist Rank: Page
Gender: Male
Age: 13

Birth Date: 5/10
Place of Birth: Tokyo

Enjeru Kimura L_412df42bdc463e82cbac9c48af72fc99
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130 lbs.

Personality: He is very kind. he will protect his friends and family no matter what the cost is. He is very courageous. He will take a hold of any opportunities. He is optimistic. He loves the academy. He believes not all demons are evil and the ones that are can be helped. He will become angry when a friend or family member is attacked.

History: He was born in the prestigous Kimura family. He has an older brother who is very powerful. He was four years old when a demon was sent to kill him. The demon tried taking over him, but instead Enjeru just took control of it. They fought for many years, but Enjeru had a will to survive that won the fight. He wants to destroy hell and become an amazing exorcist because he believes he lives in the shadow of his brother who doesn't mean to be mean. The demon stopped fighting him and they became friends. The demon can only fuse when enjeru is angry, but they can talk inside his body. He was given special daggers that were passed down the clan. He is now entering the academy.

Weapon: Shinseina Gadian
Enjeru Kimura Axe15

Fighting Style: Skilled with a lot
Abilities: Akumi Tatoo

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