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Name: Ryo Kimura
Meister: Knight
Exorcist Rank: Page
Gender: Male
Age: 15

Birth Date: June 20th
Place of Birth: Tokyo

Ryo Kimura Asakura_Yoh
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs.

Personality: Ryo is generally a really laid back person. He'd rather sleep or relax under a tree than study or train. But when he needs to be he can be determined. He won't give up on his own dream no matter what. He is nice to everyone and doesn't judge a person based on their beliefs, sexuality, ect. but on their inside. He loves to read and he hates to a lot of physical work and especially to study. He hates bullies as he was bullied at a young age. Ryo also tends to skip classes a lot and when he doesn't he will constantly fall asleep in them. The only reason he doesn't fail is because he is a prodigy and is an extremely skilled swordsman and knows practically everything there is to know about demons. He hates being the heir to his clan because he'd rather just relax and not have to worry about anything when he grows up. He is also really shy especially around girls he thinks are pretty.

History: Ryo was born into the prestigious Kimura Clan. This was a clan of extremely talented Exorcists known for their Tamers, Doctors and especially Knights. In his childhood Ryo would constantly be yelled at by his father and grandfather for not working hard even though he is the heir to the clan. He was a natural prodigy though so he still did extremely well and somehow even when he was asleep and when his grandpa was teaching him all about demons i registered in his asleep mind and he still learned it. At school Ryo was constantly bullied and teased because he would talk about Demons and nobody believed him and he grew to be shy. He lived a fairly normal life and at the age of 15 he was given the legendary sword of the Kimura Clan, Sanraion no Oboro, or for short, "Sanraion." He then entered the Exorcist academy with his brother.

Weapon: Sanraion no Oboro
-Demon sealed in it: Sanraion
-Powers: Transforms with the user when the user gets stronger. Produces fire and sun energy at first form and is a normal red hilted katana in first form. Read page for more info
Familiar: if any and if so
-Personality: two sentences minimum
-History: two sentences minimum
Fighting Style: Ancient Kimura Sword Style:
1. Raionkatto- Slashes at enemy
2. Raionpiuso- Stabs enemy
3. Raion Uppokatto- Cut upwards at enemy
4. Kiniiro Raion- Cuts chest twice and then stabs
5. Ogon Taiyo- Cuts "sun" blades at enemy
6. Gorudenraion- creates a gigantic golden lion head made of fire and sun energy and sends it at the enemy.
NOTE: there are more techniques that will be used in the rp. 1-4 can all be suer with either fire or sun energy.
Abilities: N/A

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