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Post  Weird Exorcist on Sat Nov 23, 2013 9:16 am

Name: Reed Winters
Meister: Knight
Affiliation: Himself
Exorcist Rank: Exwire
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Demon Parent: snowman father

Birth Date: 9/1/97
Place of Birth: Britain

Appearance: Shoulder length black hair with streaks of white that covers his left eye and is combed to his left, prefers to wear jeans and a worn-out hoodie, has a normal face structure for a boy his age, hazel eyes, has a decent muscle build that doesn't show that much, but keeps him lean, prefers darker shirts and will wear any shoes given to him, and he has a demon tail but prefers to hide it.
Height: 184 cm (6.04 ft)
Weight: 89.9 kg (198 lbs.)

Personality: Reed is a very shy person yet very intelligent. He prefers to not hold long conversations and also likes cold climates much more than hot ones.

History: Reed always loved the cold and thought that it was ironic that his last name was his favorite season, but that was just a thought in the back of his mind all his life. He moved to Japan soon after he was born due to his mom's job. It was when he turned 15 he realized that he was able to control snow on a low level and practiced it to gain the power he has today. He is currently training to be an exorcist so that he can gain more control over the snow to protect his mom and sharpen his knife skills.

Weapon: Two knives
-Demon sealed in it: none
-Powers: the knives can be imbued with his ice to freeze areas it cuts.
Familiar: None
-Personality: two sentences minimum
-History: two sentences minimum
Fighting Style: Reed rushes in close to his enemy and cuts in as many places as possible to freeze his enemies to limit their movement
Demon Abilities: control of snow and ice, and freezing small areas around him or lowering the weather a little wide spread.
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