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Caroline Shifter

Meister: What is (are) your character's classes. e.g. knight

Exorcist Rank:



Birth Date
March 21st

Place of Birth:
Greece, but she soon moved to Japan.

Black brown hair to her waist, golden green eyes

About 5'7

About 150

Shy and caring, but when mad, she seems like she can kill anything/anyone

Her parents were animal tamers, but on her third birthday, they were slaughtered in front of her by demons, so she ran away getting adopted into a family and they brought her to Japan, enrolling her into the True Cross academy when they learned that the reason why her parents died was because instead of a demon, a spirit of Earth itself was in a human incarnation, which was her herself. Ever since then, she's lived at the Academy. She also has a snow leopard cub that she keeps with her at all times, because it was a gift from her parents. The snow leopard cub can transform into a full sized snow leopard.

A golden sword that only the incarnation of the Earth can hold, it has a green hilt, and it is as huge as her, and she carries it with her all the time.
She has the spirit of the Earth inside of her, so she can control anything with nature.


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