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Aiden The Blaze Exorcist Empty Aiden The Blaze Exorcist

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Exorcist Rank:Esquire/Exwire

Birth Date: 9/7
Place of Birth:

Hair:Crimson, Spikey

Personality:Aiden is a very kind and selfless person who is willing to help anyone that needs it, he is also very protective of people he care about, but if you get him mad his temper is explosive, he is an anti-social type of person due to people avoiding him because of his appearance. He can also be very empathetic towards people because he knows how painful life can be sense he's lived most his alone. In battle Aiden's entire attitude changes going from a playful and kind guy to serious and very near homicidal, and he also had a laid back nature that was edging on laziness.

History: Aiden Was Born into a very special family of exorcist who were born with abilities specifically to slay demons. Aiden was put through the most intense training being taught many different fighting styles and mastering slowly but surely. He was picked on by other kids and didn't have any friends because of his demonic like appearance. This bothered him more than he let on and eventually he start to develop a hateful nature. As he entered his teen years he stopped training and began getting in more and more trouble in school until finally he joined a gang and they terrorized the other students. This gang accepted Aiden with no problems like they were a second family Aiden was content, but his family was sure his life as an exorcist would never come. A year had passed since Aiden had joined the gang most of the kid his age in his family had already been accepted to true cross academy, all but him. He didn't care though as long as he had his friends. One casual day same as any other Aiden was heading to the gang's hideout, but on the way their Aiden got a bad feeling and began to run as fast as he could, upon arrival he saw their hideout set ablaze. He ran inside only to find all of his friends bodies charred. In the confusion of the fire he saw what he was sure was a demon in the flames one with long blood red hair and eyes same as his. Aiden tried to pursue him but the demon disappeared. Aiden returned home more determined than ever to become an exorcist and was finally sent off to true cross in order to find the Crimson haired demon.

Weapon: Blaze Guantlets
-Demon sealed in it: Ifrit
-Powers: Fire Manipulation
Familiar: Dragon
-Name: Pyron
-Appearance: As tall as a fully grown man two black horns on the top of his head, black claws, crimson scales, Small wings on back.
-Personality: Ifrit is very arrogant and prideful, which means he very rarely ever admits to being wrong or needing help, he is stubborn and sticks to what he believes is true, he cares little for human life except Aiden of course, and is always willing to fight just so he can cut loose.
-History: Pyron was summoned by Aiden on the day they all began trying to summon familiars, at first They didn't get along but over time they began to understand and respect one another.
Fighting Style: Mixed Martial Arts
Abilities: Pyrokinesis, Enhanced Physical Attributes, Demon


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