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Name: Belle Wolffang
Meister: Tamer
Affiliation: Exorcist
Exorcist Rank: Exwire
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years old
Demon Parent: Father: Ôkami- A benevolent Japanese Wolf Deity of Mount Fuji. He tends to stay hidden from human society until he met Belle's mother, Lorielle, and took on a human appearance for her and their child.
Human Appearance:
Belle Wolffang Craft-lawrence-wolf-and-spice
Deity Appearance:
Belle Wolffang 0c6331b1fc33491260819b43996d3ce6

Birth Date: March 16
Place of Birth: Japan

Belle Wolffang Naoto-box
Belle has short and spiky blood red hair, she is at the height of 5'9 and weighs about 132 lbs and health athletic weight for her to have. As many can notice she is actually taller than some women she meets--and is sometimes mistaken to be a man from behind. She has blood red eyes and unnatural tan skin--due to the fact that she tans a lot and sometimes maintains that tan skin even through winter. Due to her always being in the sun too much--she's quite use to heat of 90 degrees, but can't stand any heat that is over 100 or even close to 100 degree weather. Also where her human ears are located--they're really wolf ears, but they are hidden by a disguise created by her father's magic, along with her tail.

Height: 5'9
Weight: 132 lbs

Personality: Belle is a kind girl, even though she has demon blood running through her veins--she's not afraid to show others for what she really is, she hates being mistaken for a man, but finds relief in it as well mostly because she doesn't like when a male always tries to protect the girl. Belle is a strong willed girl, except she can be very shy and doesn't talk to much, because of the fact that she can not talk. She leaves impressions on people though because it's easy to tell when she's either angry at someone or sad, she uses her eyes to talk, but mostly she uses no voice in order to calm a familiar or animal down--some have put that only a few can really hear her voice, and that is usually meant that their hearing is that of an animal or demon.

Belle can be very shy around people, mostly liking to keep to herself when possible, or just likes to stay near her familiars or whatever pet she has brought back with her if they were hurt, but never want to leave her side. She's been considered the "Silent Maiden" due to her not having a voice, but she's been giving the nickname "Beast Tamer" by a few because of her skill of calming a familiar or animal down. Belle likes this nicknames and takes pride in being called them, even if a person were to make fun of her--she shrugs it off like it was nothing and goes about her day. Belle has that kind and motherly side too as she'll always be there if a person is need of help, they're hurt, or they need a person to talk to--she's been known to show her way of scolding of person, even without a voice.

History: Belle is the daughter of a Wolf Mountain Deity and a woman from Britain that came here as a herbalist, her mother somtimes refered to by Priestess, even though she wasn't actually a Priestess. Instead of hating her daughter or the one that she called Belle's father, and now husband--she loved them. Many would've found it strange for a demon deity to take a human as a wife, but Belle's father Ryu decided that he rather keep one wife than those that have so many. At some point it was a time they decided they would call this their happy life when they lived in the forest near Mount Fuji, even though Belle's father couldn't stay with them, Lorielle--Belle's mother decided that they'd be safe near their father's territory.

Belle spent 15 years living in the forest near Mount Fuji with her mother, she would somtimes travel around the forest making friends and such, but was always the protectful eyes of both her mother and her father. They both became very nervous of her outings when she suddenly collasped 14 years ago for no reason they could think of, and when Belle's was taken to the hospital by her mother--they learned that she was born with a heart defect. Belle is considered one of those that had great strength, but they lived very short lives, and at most the doctor said that wouldn't even survive another year. Belle lost her voice after the heart attack that had happened before she went to the doctor and she never spoke again, but her life was still in danger of being lost.

Her father created a small necklace for his daughter, in order for it to protect her, her made it using the pieces of her birth tree, his birth tree, and Belle's mother birth tree. He knew that many times it take others religious belief to make sure his daughter would survive, and he had many travels amoung the world, before becoming a deity to the mountain. He used the Ash tree (Belle's Tree) to make the locket, and used both the Willow Tree (Father's Tree) and the Reed Tree (Mother's Tree) to make the binding that would keep the necklace safe around Belle's neck. After creating it, he given it to his daughter who kept wearing it, even after her father told her to never take it off, and for those years she has somehow kept living through the protection of the trees.

Belle has always been close to nature, mostly due to her father's side, but has had a natural connection to other animals besides the wolf, she had retained her first familiar when her father created him for her to use. Belle named the wolf Shadow for his appearance of being pure black, though many would be afraid of him at first--the wolf was too large to be a regular wolf, and thus catergorized as the long extincted Dire Wolf. Belle didn't discover her abilities until after her mother passed away from sickness, and that was when she started seeing more different things such as her tail and ears, her fangs grew longer than most, and she looked almost like her father--this is what caused trouble for her after she realized that she was a half-demon under the disguise of human because of her mother.

Belle entered the academy when her father couldn't protect from other demons any longer, he couldn't keep both her and the mountain safe--so he had her disguised as a human to go to school. Belle may be half demon, but she didn't like the fact that many demons would hurt humans, she started to study at the Exorcist school under human disguise in order to protect the forest that she and her mother loved so much--so far, no one knows that she's a half demon unless they themselves are demons, half-breeds, or higher level of Exorcists. As much as she should be afraid to them, she looks at them silently as if challenging them to attack her, but even if they did--she wouldn't fight back remember her father telling her that not all humans or exorcists mean harm.

Weapon: full right arm, none on the left arm. Created by using Duralumin and combine it with shards of diamond, and complete obsidian. The claws itself is tipped with sharpen diamond pieces.
-Demon sealed in it: Ukobach: a demon that used to keep the flames of hell lit.
-Powers: Fire Coat- the Ukobach's flaming oil is used to start the guantlet's flaming coat, and then the flame attaches to anyone it hits.
-Name: Shadow
-Appearance: A pure black dire wolf that was created by Belle's Father.
Belle Wolffang SansaLady
-Personality: Shadow can not speak like Belle, but they do have a telepathy way of speaking to themself and to other wolves, he's very protective of Belle, and will do anything to protect her. He's a bit rough around the edges of others, but he does seem alright with human contact, he'll protect her from Exorcists that mean to bring harm to her.
-History: Shadow was created by Ryu to protect his daughter from any danger that was present to her, he follows the orders simply, but he does have a close bond to Belle. He's willing to do anything it takes to keep her safe from harm, and has sworn to himself that he won't let anyone come to close to her to hurt her.
-Powers: Shadow Travel- he's able to pass through shadows into other areas, sometimes being able to go through a person's shadow. This is how he'll mostly appear by coming out of the shadow of a wall itself, but mostly he doesn't go through other people's rooms than his and Belle's.
Fighting Style: Hand to hand combat
Demon Abilities: Wolf Appearance: She's able to take a wolf-like appearance, and even shape shift into a wolf herself, she'll sometimes do this when no one else is around and she's safe to show her appearance whenever she wants, sometimes doing her duty for her father, by helping those who are lost find their way back.
Senses: Even in human form her senses remain sharper than a human, she's able to sense when a demon or human is near her.

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