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Post  bleach4ever25 on Wed Jun 25, 2014 2:49 pm

Name: Jeiku Mawu
Affiliation: Himself / Exorcist
Gender: Male
Age: 20

Birth Date: 11/2/1993
Place of Birth: U.S.A.

Appearance: Is looking like a rotting corpse what would you think he looks like as he was only bitten a few days ago the rotting is not that bad as of yet. The flesh of his body turning into necrotic seepage after it falls of his body. Sometimes even before it falls of him it turns into necrotic seepage anyway. In no way looking like a human even though he moves as one.

Height: 5’10
Weight: 168

Personality: Is kind, caring, gentle, lonely, scared and most of the time lazy. Though at times if it boils down to the matter at hand he can be a very active person that would be a good friend if you would let him.

History: Wanting nothing more then to make friends and be accepted in his life he had nothing of value to him in his life. As he never got those while he was a normal human being. He wanted to become immortal for a long time but had no clue as to how or even if it was a real possibility for him. Knowing his father had a while ago worked for the true cross academy exterminating demons. Thought that he could help him at finding out a way to help him. Lucky for him he did have a way though not a very for certain one and a shady one at that. He was told to eat the body of the dead demons or their severed limbs. Then he gain their powers or if it was a severed limb a part of their power.

Weapon: Twin 47 magnum
-Demon sealed in it: Ghouls
-Powers: Corpse revival

Fighting Style: None

Demon Powers: Demon eater as of yet he has only eaten two demons as of yet a Naberius and part of a phantom train also has been bitten by a zombie. Having the speed of the Naberius counteracts the slowness of being a zombie letting him move as a human. As a demon eater he only craves the flesh of demons not the flesh a human like most zombies.
Enhanced durability
Regeneration of his rotting zombie body (His body take twice as long to heal as a human would)
Normal speed of a human including his speech
Human speech that is normal for the most part
Necrotic seepage from his rotting flesh and is now his saliva as well
Gains the power of the demon eaten after they have fallen in combat or eaten from a severed limb of theirs

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