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Post  Sakura Rain on Sun Aug 18, 2013 6:25 am

Name: Miyu Rain
Meister: Tamer, dragoon
Affiliation: Demons
Exorcist Rank: Page
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Demon Parent: None

Birth Date: January 1st
Place of Birth: Evil science testing facility

Appearance: Long silver hair and green eyes that seem to glow in the dark, she wears black gothic style lolita and keeps a key around her neck on a silver chain and sometimes wears black lipstick
Height: 165
Weight: 50

Personality: Miyu is usually shy and reserved, she has perfect grades although she has never been seen studying, she doesn't have friends and sits by herself watching the sky.

History: Miyu has amnesia so she can't remember anything beyond the age of 10 but she was created in a evil science facility using the DNA of a human and a demon.

Weapon: Knives
-Demon sealed in it: none
-Powers: Not really a power but they are transparent so you can't see them.

Fighting Style: Ruthless, no matter how close to death she will continue to fight.
Demon Abilities: She can send thoughts into other peoples minds and become invisible for a short  amount of time

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