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Name:Alex Keniko aka the angry demon
Meister: Knight/Exorcist
Affiliation: Exorcists though he does cause some mischievous deeds so both
Exorcist Rank: Page
Demon Parent:Frengo mekioa

Birth Date:6/27/91
Place of Birth:Hell

Appearance:Alex has cold yet baby blue eyes that seem to fit him well as he has a very adult and babyish like personality, he also has kinda short black hair that ends in spikes, he is most seen wearing the school clothing though on days off he wears a black T-Shirt, blue jeans, and jogging shoes.

Personality:Alex has a very goofy personality though that is seen just when he is helping somebody else or if he is happy and not in a bad mood like he is almost everyday, he doesn't seem to be a jerk to any of his friends but everybody else he doesn't trust he may like the Exorcists but his demon nature makes him want to kill them or run away.

History:Alex was born to a demon father and a human mother of course Alex didn't know that his father didn't ask for his mothers permission for it but oh well, after finding out his mother had died right when he was born, he hated his father for it, and hated himself, because he could hear his mother outside of the womb, she sounded so nice yet she told him all the secrets about what his father did, so after he turned sixteen he went to the Exorcist school, he couldn't believe the place was still there after at least two hundred years (Counting both the Anime and the site) and took a oath to kill every single demon he could. after about two more years he heard mot of his brothers and sisters died in a battle, only four are left, two boys and two girls.

-Demon sealed in it: N/A
-Powers:the sword has one feature and that is it can inflict damage upon him and summon his demon counter part allowing him to use it in anyway he wants, the only flaw, he is super weak after doing so his sword useless until it cools down, it would be too hot to pick up.
-Name:Gorganime (Named after one of his dead brothers.)
-Appearance:The cheetah is dark black it's eyes a piercing red as if it had blood for eyes the end of it feet end in a bright yellow as if lights at it's feet, it also has sharp ears that end like a coyotes and will flatten against it's head when angered.  
-Personality: The cheetah is very playful as it likes to run around and play with humans or demons. it also has a angry personality when fighting demons because he knows what happened to Alex.
-History:The cheetah was born when Alex tried to do a rebirth spell on his dead brothers and sisters, soon Alex adopted it and it became his Familiar.
-Powers:The Cheetah is almost invisible as people have never seen it roam the school or walk right up to them which Alex has never found out why it is like that and he has never asked why.  
Fighting Style: N/A
Demon Abilities: The cheetah took to Alex and soon found out how to get some demon powers, for example if scratched by it the wound will burst into flames and is hard to get out it also gained the power to scare people just by looking them down, after doing so the cheetah can take their soul.
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