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Post  bleach4ever25 on Wed Jun 18, 2014 11:44 pm

Name: Igaku no mao

Stored Demon: Jeiku Tsubasa

Powers: able to seal the lower half of Jeiku Tsubasa's demon body so long as all the four rings are neithered one broken or two scratched on the engraving; and also restricting his strength and speed to that of a human given the same rules. [ when broken or scratched on the engraving the rings release a part of Jeiku's lower body and power. ( release on his body is first a small two feet tail / slight strength increase, second bigger five feet tail / slight speed increase, third full merging of tail and legs giving him a tadpole like serpentine lower body / slight increase in his human body strength and speed, forth a massive growth in the serpentine body extending it about five feet.)]

Appearance: a six foot Khakkhara with engraving on each of its four rings to keep Jeiku sealed in both power and demonic body.

History: Once the position of a traveling monk who was killed by the demon Mara as he tried to reach enlightenment. Which was later stolen by the last unfaithful and scared surviving monk of the same temple. While fleeing from the temple in a panicked fear he died of a heart attack surprisingly. Staying at that spot until the day the surrounding city decided to rebuild over the site that abandoned temple. When most seen the staff they wanted to destroy it until the daughter of the traveling monk came to visit him. She instantly went around the place to check of he had died here seeing how this was the last place he was heard from.  After she located the body she cried for a few hours then decided to keep the staff as a reminder of him. After the girl died it was kept as a family heirloom until it was given to Jeiku as a gift from his father with his heart already sealed inside it.

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