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Post  .Red.Ki. on Sun Jan 15, 2012 2:48 am

Name: Red
Meister: Knight/Dragoon
Affiliation: Exorcists
Exorcist Rank: Exwire/Esquire
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Demon Parent: Mother (human form never see demon form)
Red (finished) Revised_demon_chick_by_sinslave09

Birth Date: October 4th
Place of Birth: Unknown

Appearance: When she get really mad she just gets horns that look just like her mother's and wings if she chooses to use them (look like dragon wings) , and has black eyes (full eyeball is). Also like wearing loose clothing.
Red (finished) Polls_AnimeGuy16_3131_443037_poll_xlarge

Height: 5foot 6inch

Weight: 160

Personality: Lazy, cheery, but always pumped for a battle. When you get Red made she becomes a totally diffrent person.


Red was born with a brother, twin brother. Their mother left them at birth with their human father, so he raise them alone. He never known about there demon power until the twins hit the age of 13. Red's father became possessed and tried to kill them and he killed Red's brother. She killed her father after but before he dies the demon clawed her cheek and now she has a scar to remember that day.The demon didn't die with her father so she wants to find it at all costs. Ever since that day she pretended to be her brother, she trained her voice and cut off her hair. No one ever knew she was a girl. After that she became an exorcist.

The day before she became an exorcist she awoke to find her demon twin swords on her desk and thats when she met Azrael for the first time. In her heart she knew it was her mother who sent them.

Red (finished) 2474888Red (finished) The_Twin_Tools_of_Death_by_biometal79

-Demon sealed in it: None (nothing is sealing her power)
-Powers: Control over Shadows (like her mother)

Familiar: if any and if so
-Name: Azrael
-Appearance: Instead of black and blue, its black and orange
Red (finished) Watcher

-Personality: Rude, sneaky, hard headed, Pokes his nose where it don't belong. He has his kind moments. But mostly kind to Red but Rude to everyone else because he trusts no one near Red.
-History: Left by her mother to watch over her.
-Powers: Can turn to mist and help Red get through locked door (Unlock them) or anything that involves alarms or locks. Can fight an enemy but only when Red is asleep.
Fighting Style: Melee (clawed hands)
Demon Abilities: Control over Shadow

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