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Post  Eclipse on Sat Jun 14, 2014 6:56 pm

Nicolas Cross 0ZIPDPc

Name: Nicolas Cross
Nickname: Nico, Eclipse
Meister: T.B.D
Affiliation: Exorcists
Exorcist Rank: Exwire
Gender: Male
Age: Seventeen
Demon Parent: T.B.D

Birth Date: September 6th
Place of Birth: Unknown

Stats: Nico is five foot, eleven inches with a slender build. He has muscle, but it does not overpower his body. His hair is just under shoulder length and a deep blue color, covering his right eye. His eyes are a deep piercing blue gray, which many have said see through to their very soul it seems. He has no visible piercings or tattoos. His skin is fair in color. He is refered to as quite handsome while at the same time condraticed by being called quite average as well. He is a mystery.

Personality: Strong willed and hearted, he is actually quite intellegent and capable. He is aloof and a bit cold and standoffish to others. Nico is bold and blunt, he speaks his mind. Unfortunately, he has trouble trusting others, and letting them in. In this sense, he is often mysterious and a loner. He is calm, cool and collected on the outside, but troubled on the inside. He keeps most of what troubles him on the inside, viewing himself as weak and a burden on most people. He is self sacrificial, to the point where he cares little about himself and will give his everything for those he cares about. On the polar opposite, those he does not like or know to well, he on the outside, could not seem to care less about. He gets lost in his own thoughts at times, and seems to be plagued by something dark. He has "breakdowns" at times, where this darkness seems to rise to the surface and he unable to control it. Much of his personality is a mystery to everyone.

History: T.B.D

Weapon: T.B.D
-Demon sealed in it:
Familiar: iT.B.D
-Personality: two sentences minimum
-History: two sentences minimum
Fighting Style: T.B.D
Demon Abilities: T.B.D

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