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Lobo, Sin of Sloth  Empty Lobo, Sin of Sloth

Post  Thor on Fri Jul 01, 2011 1:41 am

Name: Lobo
Affiliation: Demons
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (But a hella long while)

Birth Date: December 21
Place of Birth: Gehenna

Lobo, Sin of Sloth  Inuyasha_Props_Sesshomaru_Sword_ver_01-3-04
Lobo, Sin of Sloth  Sesshomaru__s_demon_dog_form_by_MCR_Lover1
Height: 6'4 (demon 15'9)
Weight: 200 (demon 792)

Lobo is the laziest son of a bitch that anyone has ever known. So much so that he earned the sin of Sloth. He's so lazy he wont even get out of bed some days it's so much trouble for him. Even though he's a demon, he's not really a bad guy, and is usually comic relief. Even if it doesn't seem like it, he cares about all of his kids, and helps them all in one way or another. He likes women, and is a bit of a pervert, sleeping, T.V, eating and anything that doesn't take much effort. He dislikes the opposite, but will battle if deemed necessary.
Lobo was born from high spirits many years ago on a snowy mountain in the underworld. He then was left alone on that mountain and was raised by a pack of demon wolfs. He then naturally became like them, as he was not a signified form before. He then, seeing the 'real' world also dawned a human form. He then discovered he had powers of ice and snow. He then went to Satan himself for training and became a highly feared and deadly demon. Then, one day, he went to earth and had a son, whom he planned to groom to be his heir, but his son didn't take this path. Lobo then gave his son his old blade for luck, then made a new one for himself, The Mighty Blade Everest. He is now on the high counsel of demons as one of the seven, Sloth.
Weapon: The Mighty Blade Everest
-Demon sealed in it: none
-Powers: It can control ice and snow, also use the frost used by Wolfsbane

Fighting Style: Uses sword
Demon Powers: He can manipulate ice and snow at will, also do the same thing Thor does in demon mode. He also summons little wolfs to fight with him (what timber is)


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Lobo, Sin of Sloth  Empty Re: Lobo, Sin of Sloth

Post  Mana-Kun on Fri Jul 01, 2011 1:43 am


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