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Post  Abaddon (Akiyo Miyozuki) on Wed May 07, 2014 6:32 pm

Name: Communication projection.
User: Middle class demons and above.
Power: The ability of a demon to use gehenna as a sort of "phone" to connect any given space in assiah for communication. Its not like a gate mind you as its so small and weak no demon could ever hope to fit through, it manifest's as a type specific rune and the shape it takes is dependent on the user, it operates by basically projecting your voice and making a symbol where the corresponding person is in order for them to hear you and reply back to. It can be dismissed just by thought alone but making it requires demons to "draw" it in the air. It will simply just float in front of you and project your voice through another identical rune near the person you desire to talk to. One should note it only carries the casters voice NOT their image or even attacks for that matter.

Basic projection:
Communication Projection Odin_rune_thin_150S

Communication Projection Elemental+star

Communication Projection Protection-runes-symbols-22
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