Abaddon (Akiyo Miyozuki) Devil Of Pride.

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Abaddon (Akiyo Miyozuki) Devil Of Pride. Empty Abaddon (Akiyo Miyozuki) Devil Of Pride.

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Name: Akiyo Miyozuki, Known as Abaddon amongst demons/princes/brothers.
Affiliation: Mainly himself but he does side with exorcist the majority of the time.
Gender: Male
Age: His appearance suggest's 15 but is older undoubtedly.

Birth Date: May 29'th
Place of Birth: Gehenna

Human form:
Abaddon (Akiyo Miyozuki) Devil Of Pride. Chibi+anime+boy+9
Demon form, With hangings:
Abaddon (Akiyo Miyozuki) Devil Of Pride. 20101230135704%21Armored_Xemnas
Demon form without hangings:
Abaddon (Akiyo Miyozuki) Devil Of Pride. NoHeart

Height: 5'9 (Demon form ; 6'6)
Weight: 142 (Demon form ; 234 which is mostly armor, without said armor is 199)

Personality: He is very formal and polite, probably more so than any devil maybe. He however is also calculating and very patient. Even though he may seem flat its this sort of sincerity that sets him off as a incredibly suspicious character. Pretty loveable guy, if you can stomach devil's that is. But of course being a devil. He can be a sadist above all....meticulous...and dubious however somehow throughout this process he maintains transparency and a polite outlook....truly terrifying.

History: Not much is known before he was introduced in the academy due to him living in absolute seclusion in gehenna after obtaining a "special" power stolen from a would be prince after he violently murdered said person and replaced him as a devil and hence forth also suffered a personality change once he acquired said powers...rumors tell despite his nice outlook on life he is incredibly ferocious in battle (as proven above) , Most who battle him never live to tell about it. And under the academy's orders? Millions of potential high value targets are eliminated all in one fell swoop. His cooperation of course stems from his allowed presence in assiah, In order to stay he has to comply with the order and has a high lenancy factor due to his loyalty. He for one would not attack his brothers (and sisters) but has no quarems with ending the life of a troublesome or bothersome demon.

In recent months he has been dispatched to the academy to act as a patrolman...watching the inside and outside in an attempt to safe guard students...Needless to say in order to kill some boredom he may "play" but that's strictly saved for his targets. And as so its advised to run before he engages, Mephisto seems to take great joy in talking and watching him battle.

One may question why akiyo seeks to stay in the "human world". Its simple, gehenna is chaotic...too chaotic for akiyo's liking...and this world as he put it "seems to have so many possibilities its like having a mirror reflect into a mirror". The rest of his history is a tangled web of assassinations, patrol kills, and the occasional execution of a powerful demon in which the order could not handle. Ultimately he seems to share the same view of mephisto...Chaos is good in controlled quantities as it shares change...However he does do his best to preserve order as well in sort of congealed mass of several "promises" handed out from his own hand to the order. Sort of like his agreements and terms for staying in assiah indefinitely as an emissary of the order. Again...pretty loveable huh?

Weapon: Muramasa
Abaddon (Akiyo Miyozuki) Devil Of Pride. Master_Xehanort%27s_Keyblade_KHBBS
-Demon sealed in it: Damocles, A creation warped by Akiyo himself, its rumored to be a spirit that possesses his blade to maintain it. Though its just rumor's...Right?
-Powers: Normally it stays out of sight in the form of an "aura" that surrounds him...This aura of course is a thin light that emanates all around him. Ie ; Photons. Due to this when he actually summons it his "barrier" (His "body" photon's act like a sort of natural barrier for his demon form...yep...he's forced to use his demonic powers if he doesn't want to assume his true form) is dropped and he assumes his true form. Now as for the actual powers of the blade? It harnesses his light based attacks and as such can make "wave" attacks, And an annoying move in which it acts as a giant flash bang however it sacrifices its corporal form for some time. Besides that it has average combat capabilities. Oh yea...and the whole fact its alive...

Fighting Style: He seem's to enjoy  a mixture of Krav maga and silat. Both incredibly deadly natures to reflect its users almost exact style, fast...deadly...and painless.

Demon Powers:
-Light manipulation ; Being pride he can manipulate most forms of light, Literally sapping the light out of the room or turning it on, Pretty useful in any environment as photons can be deactivated or reactivated with this power.

-Leap ; Transforming into light and using so to move at high speeds or rather "teleport" (moving faster or at the same speed of light is basically teleporting) akiyo can appear almost anywhere in a flash. Pretty badass.                                      

-Deliverance ; Uses light in solidified beams to literally "purge" in a straight or curved line, it seemingly has no draw backs but can be dodged if the person is fast enough...It can be charged for more damage but it does have a chance of being dodged. Maximum charge is rather slow however its radius and range make up for the wait...trust me...its living hell to get hit by it at that point.

-Plain old light powers ; Anything from enhanced punches/kicks to disc's of light. He can do pretty much anything with light...Oh yea...originality XD.

-Seraphim summon and subjugation (Summon); He can bring forth a pretty large number, comes in handy. Especially when they are as obedient as familiar's of which they are always in such a way.

-Refraction ; Akiyo will become impossible to touch or damage by becoming light (maintaining his color spectrum/appearance)...however such a move is a last resort. He dislikes such deceiving moves, incredibly so. Naturally though he cant fight in this state, in order to use his powers or attack he must exit this ghost like form. One should note you cannot siphon off said energy, considering he has subjugated photons near him it stands to reason he can use those to block/intercept drain based abilities.
Abaddon (Akiyo Miyozuki)
Abaddon (Akiyo Miyozuki)

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