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Majikku, Devil of Grief  Empty Majikku, Devil of Grief

Post  Red Exorcist on Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:17 pm

Name: Majikku, Devil of Grief " Mage", Sin of envy
Affiliation: Devils
Gender: Male
Age: 19

Birth Date: july 5th
Place of Birth: Gehenna

Majikku, Devil of Grief  Devil_of_Grief Majikku, Devil of Grief  Lamento Majikku, Devil of Grief no sword. Human Form:Majikku, Devil of Grief  1357-754810925

Height: 6'1" for both
Weight: 275 lbs. for both

Personality: He is very quiet. He is really shy. He puts his pride first. He is really calm. He is self-confident. He makes people sad or calm when they are around him. He fights on the side of his fellow devils are fighting on. His favorite out of the group is Joi and least favorite is Kyo because he creeps him out. He can be really lazy.

History: He was born evil and blood thirsty, but got bored and just followed his fellow devils around. He has fought many powerful people and never loses (only a couple times.) One time he lost to Satan and almost died a month before Rin Okumura killed Satan. He fixed himself and made a human body to hide in so, he can cause grief and sadness.

Weapon: Hell Screamers
-Demon sealed in it: No
-Powers: The bullets can be explosive, corrosive, incendiary, or freezing

Fighting Style: Night Magic:

1st spell: Sutoka- Can cloak himself into shadows.
2nd spell: Kanashii-Make it rain.
3rd Spell: Shino sasa yaki: Make big bat wings of black aura letting the user fly.
((More soon))

Demon Powers: He is extremely fast and strong enough to dent metal with a punch. If he touches someone with his bare hand he could make them depressed and grieve over something for an amount of time. People can get over it and break through the spell. When he is fighting seriously black and blue smoke trails from him. He has sharp claws.
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Majikku, Devil of Grief  Empty Re: Majikku, Devil of Grief

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