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Alazona Devil/Sin of Wrath Empty Alazona Devil/Sin of Wrath

Post  Aleron on Thu Apr 17, 2014 9:01 pm

Name: Alazona
Affiliation: Herself and her children.
Age: Around 2000-3000 years

Birth Date: June 3rd
Place of Birth: Gehenna

Appearance:Alazona Devil/Sin of Wrath Karasu10[/

Alazona Devil/Sin of Wrath Argo11
Height: 5'9 for both
Weight: 129 lb for both

Personality: Alazona has a twisted personality she is easily angered and loves to feel the wrath of others. She is a masochistic and a sadomasochistic. Despite everything else she is a caring mother to her children and at sometimes nice.

History: Alazona was raised to be a warrior. When she was young she was lefted in the worstest part of the underworld which fueled her rage which allowed her to survive. This got the attention of the satan and he decided to make her his General of his army and was the one to keep order in the underworld. She was feared among all demons and was respected from all demons. Because of her unstable rage she was granted the tile of Sin of Wrath and is was made member of the high counsel of Seven Sins.

Weapon: Argo-Tenken (Katana) Diablo-l and Diablo-ll(Dual pistols)
-Demon sealed in it: none
-Powers:Generates Red lightning and Red wind,absorbs humans souls that has much hatred and rage to control as puppets.

She gave Diablo-ll as a present to her son when he turned 16.

Fighting Style: Hand to hand combat ,Gun Fu, and uses Swords
Demon Powers: Can control and Create Red lightning and Red wind.

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