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Post  SnowStorm122 on Thu Mar 27, 2014 10:47 pm

Name: Kazuki
Affiliation: Exorcists
Exorcist Rank: Esquire
Gender: male
Demon Parent:mom human dad demon

Birth Date:october 16
Place of Birth: unknown

Appearance: when he goes in to demon mode he gets green eyes flameing hornes pointie ears long nails.
Height:5 foot 8 inches
Weight:110 pounds

Personality:funny nice happy loud works hard

History: when Kazuki was born his mother almost died he lived in a church he never knew he was a demon. till one day when theas deamons started poping out of the ground all around him. if it wasint for his mother he would of been dead. his mom died his dad got taken controled by a demon nobody has seen him sence.

Weapon: staff
-Demon sealed in it: none
-Powers: to read the deamons thoughts
Familiar: a tiger the reasson a tiger it was my moms and she gave it to me right before she died.
-Appearance:[non demon form] black hair blue eyes spikey hair.
Fighting Style: if any
Demon Abilities: heal wounds faster that happen to me.


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