Aliaster demon of the forest

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Aliaster demon of the forest Empty Aliaster demon of the forest

Post  shadowmoon1 on Wed Feb 26, 2014 11:00 am

Affiliation: Exorcists or Demons or their self:nether
Age: unknown

Birth Date: unknown
Place of Birth: ghena

Appearance:Aliaster demon of the forest Aecfdcea0a83925e15616cf57e674a9a-d3lp110
Weight: only about 200 pounds

Personality:Cold kidish alot like amimon

History:he is amimon's twin brother

Weapon: if any and if so:A ruby katana
-Demon sealed in it: if any: yes a wolf demon called Sagura
-Powers:Green flames and controlling forest demons

Fighting Style: if any none
Demon Powers: e.g. blue fire, requires a full description of the power: He has green flames for the green fire can heal destroy and kill.

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